We were up before sunrise today and all of us were eager to see what was on offer and this morning definitely belonged to the giraffe. We saw them everywhere, in front of us as we drove along, to the side of us and in the distance where you just see this long neck poking above the tree line.  We did sight eland, impala, zebra and jackal but we had no luck in tracking down any cats or Elephants but it is not always the big things you should be looking for when out on a drive.  We sat for some time watching the White Fronted Bee-eater flying in and out of their nesting holes in the banks of the dry river bed.  These birds are so beautiful and you become fascinated watching them nipping in and out of the small holes in the river bank and for no reason that we could fathom all the birds took flight and were gone, including the birds in their nesting holes and we watched dozen of birds emerged and flew off, and just as you thought that was the last, another one flies out.

Our afternoon drive saw us crossing another dry river bed but this time a lone male elephant was munching on the trees.  Graphite informed us that this was the elephant that sometime comes to Fika Futi lodge and we might get to see him again.  We all hoped this would be the case.  Jackals seemed to be the order of this drive and they kept on popping up out on the open plains, mainly in pairs but at one time we counted six of them together and our total for total for the day was 11.  They are beautiful looking animals closely resembling a fox. 

Another beautiful sunset and when standing on a rise I am always impressed by the large open spaces and the never-ending horizons that stretch out in front of me.  As the sky grew darker on the way back to the lodge the stars starting to appear and you could just see the milky-way starting to light up the sky.  Nature is wonderful.

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