They are the largest falls in the world, not the highest, nor the widest but the combination of width, height and volume of water cascading over them, makes them the greatest falls in the world.  They are of course Mosi-oa-Tunya or as named by the explorer Robert Livingstone, Victoria Falls.

The border of Zimbabwe and Zambia runs down the middle of the Zambezi river and the falls can be viewed from either side.  This morning you will view the sunrise from the Zimbabwe side followed by a tour of the falls.   As you approach the falls you can hear a distant noise which continues to increase the closer you get, until it becomes a deafening roar as you stand a few metres from the falls.  The mist is rising and falling and you suddenly find yourself under a shower, raincoats are a necessity here.

The falls are nearly two kilometres wide where the rushing waters of the mighty Zambezi river plunges noisily down the series of basalt gorges creating an iridescent mist that can be seen for more than 20 kilometres away.  Due to the good rains this year upstream, the falls are at their highest levels in 20 years, making them even more impressive

As you watch the sun rise at 6:38 and the first light starts to fall on the river, you cannot help but be impressed with the sheer size of the falls and the enormous volume of water falling into the gorge.  It is a magnificent sight.

The tour of the falls on the Zimbabwe side takes a couple of hours and after breakfast at the Gorge Café, you are free for the rest of the morning.  You may choose a bungy jump from the Victoria Falls bridge or a walk across the bridge to Zambia to view the falls from the other side.  Whatever you choose, you will enjoy.

This afternoon is the time to relax and enjoy high tea at the splendid Victoria Falls Hotel.  This hotel was built in 1904 originally as accommodation for the workers on the Cape Town to Cairo railway, under the leadership of Cecil Rhodes.  The entire rail line was never completed however, sections still exist throughout Africa.  You are still able to travel by train from Cape Town to Victoria Falls every week, taking seven days to do the journey on the luxury Rovos train.

The Victoria Falls Hotel sits in beautiful gardens and from the veranda as you sip your tea or drink champagne, you have wonderful views of the bridge and the mist rising` from the falls.

Mangwanani akanaka – good morning is Shona

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