Another early start this time to cross the border into Zambia in order to take a microlight flight over Victoria Falls and what a great way to see this wonder.  The view is amazing and from on high you understand why the falls are the largest in the world.  During the 15 minute flight we also saw elephants, hippos, zebra and buffalos which was an added bonus.

The weather in Victoria Falls is very hot during October and the day time temperature has been reaching 38 degrees and the best way to cope with this heat is to sit by the pool with a cold drink and that is exactly what we did for the rest of the day.

As this was our last night in Victoria Falls we did a sunset dinner cruise which turned out to be one of the highlights of our stay.  Our boat was small with only 20 guest. all seated at their own tables and the four course dinner was of a very high standard.  The Zambezi River is very wide at this point and you really do understand why it is referred to as the mighty Zambezi, it truly is.  We were fortunate to see a couple of very large bull elephants drinking at the river edge and of course many, many hippos with all of them getting ready to come ashore after sunset to graze throughout the night.  The sunset was a typical African sunset, large red sun setting very quickly and then the sky turning all shades of mauve and pink for around 45 minutes after it had set.  What a way to end our time in Zimbabwe.

Next stop Cape Town


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