Victoria Falls is an adrenaline junkies playground with bungee jumping, white water rafting, microlight flights, zip lines to name just a few and we decided to go for the microlight.  The flights take off from Zambia so we had to cross the border early for a 7:30 flight and part of that exercise entails crossing the Victoria Falls bridge and we were early we decided to walk across.  It is about a kilometre from one border post to the other and you get to see the gorge and a bit of the falls as you cross.  The bridge is also where you bungee jump.

The airfield in Zambia is small but big enough for microlights and there is also a helicopter pad for those looking for another option of seeing the Falls from above.  The flight is either 15 or 30 minutes, the choice being yours and your pocket and we opted for the 15 minute flight.  Once you have signed the usual indemnity forms it is not long before you have your flight jacket and helmet on and you are being strapped into the microlight.  The pilot runs through a couple of safety checks and you are then bouncing down the runway in preparation of takeoff.  The pilot and you are in communications all the way and he was great in pointing out landmarks, pods of hippos, elephants and other wild game.  It is amazing how well you see the animals from the sky and it is always a surprise when you do see them.  The river is relatively high after the rainy season and the Falls are pumping.   The fight gives you such a wonderful birds eye view of the mighty Zambezi and the Falls and I would recommend it to everyone, having now done it a number of times.

After the flight we walked back across the bridge to Victoria Falls town and relaxed for a while at Dean’s restaurant where we had breakfast.  The restaurant is in a small shopping area named Elephant Walk and it is a great place to grab something to eat, do a bit of shopping or just chill. 

The rest of the day was free to relax and that is what we did as we knew we had a great night ahead of us.

One of the must do things in Victoria Falls is the sunset cruise on the Zambezi and we opted for the dinner cruise which was fabulous.  Tonight we went out on the Ma Robert which has been cruising the Zambezi River for 20 years offering guests a great night out.  The recently refurbished boat takes around 70 people and provides a full dinner and drinks service and tonight there were around 26 people on board.  The cruise starts around 5pm and heads downstream towards the Falls before turning back up stream to be in the perfect position for the sunset.  Tonight we saw only hippos in the water and on the shore line but I have seen elephants, giraffes and bush buck at the waters edge previously.     The sunset did not disappoint and you cannot help having an “African Queen” moment when you are on the Zambezi with a drink in hand and the sun is going down.  Dinner was very good and it always surprises me how the chef gets the steak right every time.

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