On our final day in Kasane we had a cruise on the Chobe River but this time to see where four countries almost meet, namely Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia and Botswana at the confluence of the Chobe and Zambezi Rivers. As we cruised towards this point the construction of the new bridge linking Zambia and Botswana come into view and this impressive build will make an enormous difference to the lives of so many.  To cross at this point now, you have to catch a ferry and with only one operational at present it can take hours to get across if you are in a small vehicle, if you are driving a large semi it can take four weeks to make the crossing.  There were hundreds of trucks lined up waiting to cross and with a maximum of two semis per ferry and four ferries an hour the drivers know that they will just have to wait.  The drivers sleep in their semis, people supply food and drink and it really is just a waiting game.  The new bridge when finished around March 2020 will eliminate all of this.

We crossed the border from Botswana into Zimbabwe early yesterday and the queue for foot passengers was very long and initially we were advised that the wait was two or three hours, all of it standing in the hot sun.  Fortunately our Zimbabwean guide had made arrangements and our visas were waiting for us so 30 minutes later we were on the road to Victoria Falls.  Our accomodation is in a beautiful house with a small swimming pool and everyone agreed that a day in the gardens of the house were what was needed as we had a very early start the following day.

Our guide and driver picked us up at 5:50am this morning to take us on a guided walk of Victoria Falls and the reason for the early start was to be in time for sunrise over the falls and to avoid the large crowds.  We saw the sun rise as we were driving to the falls and it was stunning but we missed it by the time we got to the first lookout.  The Victoria Falls are amazing even now when it is the dry season and not as much water is pumping over the falls.  While the  falls are not the widest or highest in the world they are considered to be the largest as their width and height results in the worlds largest sheet of falling water. As we walked around the falls a double rainbow appeared which I have not seen before so lots of photos were taken,  The falls are very impressive and tomorrow we are doing a micro flight over the falls so we will see it from a different perspective.  Breakfast at the Victoria Falls Hotel followed our early morning walk and this very colonial establishment is always a must go visit spot and the breakfast in the gardens is one of the best in town.

Tonight we had drinks at the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge drinking cocktails while watching the sunset, perfect end to a perfect day.


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