After a busy few days all of the group decided to have a quiet afternoon resting with maybe a dip in the pool to cool off and it was just what was needed.  Last night the staff entertained us with singing and dancing and we were encouraged to join in, but the staff were doing such a great job most of us decided to watch and learn. All of the songs and dances told a story about Botswana and represented the different tribes that make up this country. The theme carried on for dinner with all the food being part of Botswana cuisine including pap and sauce, a speciality cabbage dish, wild spinach and chicken done on the braai (BBQ).  We are certainly eating well.

This morning we did another boat cruise hoping to see the elephants crossing the Chobe River to the island where they will graze for the day.  There were large numbers of buffalos on the island when we arrived but not an elephant to been seen.  Our guide assured us that they would come down and cross and we had to be patient and he was of course correct.  From out of the bush the first lone elephant bull appeared and swam over to the island and while we were so enthralled watching him we did not notice the family herds arriving on the rivers edge. In all there were about 10 family groups and approximately 170 elephants on the river bank and all of them lined up in their groups and headed into the water to cross.  Each family group took it in turn to cross and as one group neared the island the next group would enter the water.  It was an unbelievable sight and thanks to our wonderful guide he had positioned the small boat we were in just off to the right of where the elephants came ashore on the island. I have taken a video which I have posted on my website and you will see how close we were to these majestic animals, it truely was a magical moment.

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